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Murder at the Portland Variety
Portland, Oregon, 1894: Libby Seale is a young Jewish dressmaker who has recently fled New York's Lower East Side, to escape an arranged marriage, and now works as a costumer at a popular Portland vaudeville theater. When her friend Vera, a magician's assistant, is murdered, Libby is thrust into the role of detective. Vera's body is discovered in the notorious "Shanghai tunnels," (a labyrinth running beneath the city, which still exists to this day) and the investigation opens Libby's eyes to the dark world of smugglers and white slavers lurking beneath the friendly city she now calls home.

In unraveling the mystery of Vera's death, and subsequent killings, Libby acquires sleuthing partner and potential beau Peter Eberle, a reporter for the Portland Gazette. Their burgeoning romance is hampered by the strains of the murder investigation, as well as by secrets from Libby's past.

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Read the first chapter of Murder at the Portland Variety.

A Death at the Rose Paperworks
As the workday begins at Portland's Rose Paperworks, foreman Andrew Matson makes a horrific discovery. A section of catwalk near the mill owner's office has collapsed, pitching a body into the hollander (the giant knife-like machine for turning rags into a pulpy paste). The mangled corpse is assumed to be that of mill owner Hiram Rose.

Libby Seale, happens to be working as a seamstress for Mrs. Adele Rose and her pregnant sister-in-law Mrs. Eva Fowler (wife and sister, respectively, of Hiram Rose). Meanwhile, across town at the offices of the Portland Gazette, Peter Eberle sets off to investigate. He is surprised to find Libby at the Rose house when he gets there. As the two former detecting compatriots reconnect awkwardly, they soon find themselves trying to clear a man they think was wrongly accused, and the trail takes them from some of Portland's wealthiest homes and businesses to a makeshift Chinese worker's encampment as they attempt to tease out the truth of what happened at the mill - before someone else dies.

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Read the first chapter of A Death at the Rose Paperworks.

Portland Blood
Synopsis to come